Sunday, 12 February 2017 07:47 pm
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i didn't get a lot done even though i had the time to.
it's unfortunate, but it was my fault in the end.
i feel a burst of motivation to do extract images from video games.
i am playing through cardcaptor sakura to get some of them.
i also want to mess around with nox.
i managed to get it working on my white laptop.
unlike with bluestacks.
i feel motivated to do some prewriting.
and writing down ideas to see where they will go.
i ate and drank a lot of food and juice today.
not at all caring about following that diet my mom wants me to go through.
my brother came home yesterday.
so we hung out and watched anime.
the tower of druga i believe it was.
we were on season two when he went to take a nap.
i am suppose to be jogging but my white laptop was running out of battery.
so i'm letting it charged.
i should go make a layout for my pixel art project. 
i have to extract some of the ones i already extracted since google drive isn't letting me download them and reupload them elsewhere.
i can't even copy the link to post elsewhere too.
flickr is good to me.
thank god it's not like photobucket.
it's has some javascript, but not as much as photobucket.
and i can upload animated gifs without the site resizing them on me.


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