Saturday, 11 February 2017 08:34 pm
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i cried a lot today.
i visited my family doctor.
i asked him if he could make a copy of the letter he received from the hospital.
i don't get to see my psychiatrist anymore.
i wonder if i should get another one.
in the letter, there were some ideas i could try.
but the one that suppose to teach me more about becoming like everyone else cost money.
money that my mother wouldn't spend.
i think it might be getting to the point where i have to spend some money in order to become more like everyone else.
my mom says as long as i am happy, that should be enough.
but i will never make long lasting friendships if i don't fix what is preventing me from creating those friendships.
i wish i wasn't such a problem child.
my mom tells me not to cry, because it'll make me look ugly.
i know it's her way of showing she cares.
but all i want to do is cry and hug someone i feel comfortable with.
i guess i should go back to the drawing board and see what i can do.
i am really interested in making a twine story slash game.
i don't know if i should go original or unoriginal.
maybe unoriginal first.
i've been wanting to write fanfiction for a long while.


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