Sunday, 29 January 2017 11:57 am
6thirty: (luhan looking left)
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i stayed up too late i think.
i feel like sleeping for an eternity.
i don't feel like doing anything.
don't know why.
is it physical?
or emotional.
there are still a lot of things to do.
before i can sit down and relax.
maybe i am taking on too many projects at the moment.
i'll have to cut it down to smaller goals.
so i don't feel so overwhelmed.
listening to tinashe a lot.
it's so catchy.
she is sexy.
and the songs are sexy.
right now i really like company by her.
always in the mood to dance a little.
though i have no idea how to dance.
i wonder if she will do acoustic versions of her songs.
weirdblacktea, i need to work on you.
after this, i'll take a nap.
i deserve it.
too much water.
too much fruits.
too much pizza.
too much karaoke.
i'm interesting in making stories with twine.
i need to try it.
or i'll never learn how to in the future.
damn it.


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