Friday, 27 January 2017 07:14 pm
6thirty: (zico chill)
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i went to my cousin's house to hang out before the lunar new years.
i was going to type down the dialogue from the rebirth game.
instead of typing down from the actual game itself.
i decided to go watch online and write it down that way.
the pause button helps a lot.
there is still a lot of work to do.
before i can start another project.
i need to insert images i have taken from the black laptop.
and insert them into their intended posts.
i also am working on making a dreamwidth layout for my dream novel or twine community.
i am also watching the .hack animated series.
i have to finish watching roots too.
i was thinking about watching movies while i walk.
there's also that let's get married series to watch too.
no one has yet to reply to my post.
i really want to fix the mistake in my dreamwidth layout for my .hack//g.u. series.
i don't really have a lot to say.
played some pokemon go while sitting in the car and going to places.
burned paper money, paper clothes, paper everything for my grandfather who no longer living.
i don't know much about him and neither does my mother.
but i like to think he was as kind as my grandmother.
my stepfather is sick.
it doesn't bother me.
our relationship doesn't really exist.
sometimes i wonder if i should try being nicer to him.
but a part of me doesn't want to.
i don't really trust him.
like him.
or appreciate him.
maybe i am being selfish.
but i can't help it, i don't see the way the others see him.


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