Saturday, 28 January 2017


Saturday, 28 January 2017 08:58 am
6thirty: (yoseob mustache)
a little tired in the morning.
can't be helped.
yesterday i picked out a notebook and an agenda.
they look really cool.
though they'll be useless if i don't do anything with them.
i still have lots of other notebooks to use too.
i want to do a lot of stuff.
like finishing a dreamwidth layout.
writing down all i can think of to write a story about.
using office supplies to get stuff done.
maybe i should have bought that hole puncher.
but i can't think of anything to use it for.
next time i see it, i'll buy it.
what else to do.
oh yeah.
got to download the rest of the .hack games.
i never go to play the second and third game.
and i don't know if i want to know ahead of time of what will happen next.
i already seen the promise card endings.
gotta walk on tread mill, as i missed like three to four days already.
take down notes.
upload notes.
make sure they look nice.
move on to other areas i have yet to get started on or needs immediate attention.
today is lunar new years too.


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