Sunday, 19 February 2017 07:19 pm
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I need to make a new display ima and a header image on facebook.
i tried to take some photos of myself with my white laptop, but no matter i try to make it look good, the quality sucks.
i think i should download some songs by boa.
it brings back memories.
i also wanted to extract images from tactics ogre.
i also have to go through my cardcaptor sakura screenshots too.
i made a plot outline, but i don't know what to write down
i didn't get much done to be honest.
so i hope after this i'll perfect my interactive stories.
i don't want them too long.
but i also don't want them to be too short too.
i managed to get camtasia studio to work on my white laptop.
though i have to turn off the wifi to get it to work.
or else i'll end up turning it into a trial version of it.
i made some animated gifs.
i made them for the interactive stories i am going to work on.
i don't plan to put any images or sounds in the game.
tomorrow is family day.
i want to order some stuff, but i have to wait until my brother comes home.
i have lots of questions to ask him about.
but he left early to hang out with our cousin.
his birthday is coming up i think.
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