Wednesday, 1 February 2017 12:34 am
6thirty: (luhan cute)
[personal profile] 6thirty
today was a good day.
even if i didn't get on my laptops.
i would like to have a lot done today.
but that is okay. 
i ended up coming up with a lot of ideas.
i feel eager to write.
but i need to plan.
it need to spit out every idea i can come up with.
and take whatever i like from it.
i was thinking making all of my stories into choose your adventure stories.
but will it work out?
i should start small.
get used to the ways of twine.
i want to finish dot hack the legend of the twilight and dot hack roots.
i want to write an mmorpg story like dot hack.
i always wanted to make games.
but i don't think becoming a game programmer is going to get me there.
i am thinking about becoming maybe a web developer.
i have some experience with it.
but it's not a lot when compared to others.
i want to write fanfics too.
i want to create character designs now.
so much to do.
need to organize my time.
i wrote it down, but not an actual schedule.
we'll see.
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