Monday, 20 February 2017 10:00 pm
6thirty: (luhan cute)
[personal profile] 6thirty
i ate so much salmon, i worry i will start to hate it.
i also drank two cups of iced tea.
i felt so full, i wanted to puke a little.
eating at the mandarin was nice.
they had a koi pond.
i think i am ready to write my twine story.
even if it is going to suck.
it's okay if it sucks.
i need stuff to work with.
see where i am at.
i need to write in my agenda.
i bought it cheap.
but i don't use it effectively to be honest.
sometimes i feel like i can't think of anything.
so i took a nap this morning since i felt like that.
i need to look at my notes and start creating stories that i want to make.
i haven't started on any original projects.
i should extract images and host them on photobucket.
since flickr doesn't accept small images.
what a bother.
oh well.
whatever works right?
i got camtasia studio to work on my white laptop.
but i have to turn off the wifi to use it.
oh well.
i got to talk to my sibling.
it was nice.
wish we could have talked more.
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